• WILD WHISPERS @MoBPromos December 12, 2017
    WILD WHISPERS by Ryan Jo Summers Genre: Romantic Mystical Mystery with horse racing element Set against the exciting backdrop in the chase for the Triple Crown and filled with mystical surprises. Season is not a witch, but she can make a horse run and Ty’s heart race. Season Moriarty is part fey and part druid. […]
  • PLAYING IT COOL @MoBPromos December 12, 2017
    PLAYING IT COOL A Men of Steele Novella by Zoë Mullins Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance Publication: January 9, 2018 When Spencer’s old college roommate offers him a job at Steele Construction, he doesn’t hesitate. Not only does he get to be closer to his sister and her family, he may finally have the chance to […]


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When Ash Stone (pen name) was born she was a tiny, bouncy, beautiful little baby…and the color blue! Fortunately by the time the journalists arrived to take photos of her, she was no longer blue. She made headlines in the local papers for being the only Christmas baby to be born that day in Aliwal North (South Africa). So started a life of “Merry Christmas…And oh! Happy
Birthday too.” Before you say, “Aw Shame” and break out the tissues, please know that Ash is a Christmas Diva! She always gets her two presents …or else!

She is the second eldest of four daughters to a mother who was an accountant. Her father was a high ranking police officer, meaning he sat behind a desk and drank tea all day. They movAsh1ed around a lot whenever her father was promoted to a bigger desk with better tea. As a result Ash did not have many friends and found her escape in books.Ash’s first writing experience was at the age of 16, when she had to write an essay to Toyota South Africa, in order to be chosen for their Toyota Edulink Program. She wrote a very detailed and motivational essay about how she was going to be the Managing Director of Toyota one day. After they undoubtedly had a good chuckle, Ash was chosen as the the only girl to represent all the Afrikaans schools in her province. She went on to be chosen for the Toyota Junior Achievement Programme and became the Managing Director of the company they had set up. The company made a profit and naturally Ash was tickled pink! Ash was chosen to remain in the Toyota Edulink Program for a total of three years. Whilst in her final year at school she also joined another program and studied Journalism and Drama at the Westville University. After graduating high school at the age of 17, Ash went to study Business and Marketing Management. She was inspired by her father who had left the police force long ago and started his own private company. Being a typical rebel, rather than joining the cut-throat corporate world afterwards, Ash became a vegetarian hippie instead and went into a gardening/ nursery business with her mom. The irony of a vegetarian “plant lover” is still lost on her to this day.

Even though Ash never became the Managing Director of Toyota South Africa, she had enjoyed success in every aspect of her life. She is an award winning Landscape Architect and Horticulturist and won another award for a display when she represented South Africa in the 2000 Amsterdam Hortifair. Among her many occupations, Ash was more notably the Purchasing Manager for McDonald’s Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa region.
These days she is not a high flying corporate Exec or a vegetarian hippie, but internal sales at a local Mining supplier during the day. At night, she runs her own blog tour company, is an Admin of the Author Association ASMSG, a Guild Reviewer, a book blogger and self confessed Facebook addict. She lives in Alberton with her childhood-friend-turned-husband and their gorgeous two sons where she enjoys breaking all the rules with her writing. The eternal rebel loves to connect with her fans (or “Stoneys!” as she calls them). So, go on you rebel you!